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We repair both TM-295P (Parallel) and TM-295S (Serial). Our repair is hourly or flat rate: this includes refurbished parts, labor, and a full printer cleaning and calibration. We typically find that if a printer is not functioning correctly, it is need of some parts as well as calibrating.

We offer the highest quality service, and guarantee all of our work for 90 days.

Our technicians are usually able to repair printers the same day they arrive, and can be shipped out via overnight shipping.

For a printable service request form please click here

Flat Rate Repairs (Includes parts)

Unit won't turn on, doesn't print or prints incorrectly $100
Unit does not release paper $70
Clean and Calibrate only $40
OtherCall for estimate

For more information or to arrange a drop off, call us at 800-253-6407 or email us at info@tm295.com

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