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Troubleshooting and FAQ

Q) Why is the PAPER OUT light on and nothing is printed?

A) It's possible that the paper is not correctly inserted; check this and try again. If this still fails to turn off the PAPER OUT light, its likely a defective/dirty paper sensor. We offer both cleaning and replacement.

Q) Why is my RELEASE light flashing and nothing is being printed?

A) This indicates an error condition in the Epson circuitry. Turn off the printer, make sure there is not a paper jam, and retry. If the RELEASE light still flashes it indicates a short or a open circuit that shouldn't be.

Q) Why isn't my computer able to communicate with the TM-U295?

A) This is likely due to a cable issue (try disconnecting everything, then reconnecting) or a software configuration issue.

The TM-U295 generally needs the COM or parallel port open in Windows—if any other devices are using this port (other printers, devices etc), uninstall them. In Window XP check this by going to Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Ports.

The most common source of problems for installation is incorrect software configuration. Most software that is written to use the TM-U295 directly interacts with the printer via RS-232 (serial) or parallel, thus a driver is not needed. You may need to check with the vendor of your particular software for support. Information on the Epson Windows driver utility is available here.

If all else fails, try to use the Epson windows driver above. If you still can't establish any communication, you may have hardware problem. If you can establish communication, but your software won't print to the TM-U295, call the software vendor; this indicates a configuration issue.

Q) Why is my Epson printing out garbage (&*)(^%^*"L:><?*()#^) instead of text?

A) This can be due to an incorrect ROM version (Our printers are 1.07, as opposed to 2.01) This does not indicate a failure of the hardware, but rather an incompatibility with the ROM version and computer software. To change the ROM version a new ROM chip must be installed, we have both ROM chips available however 1.07 is considered standard.

This problem can also be due to a hardware error in the printer. We'll be glad to provide you with a free estimate.

Q) How the heck to I insert the Ribbon?

A) The paper must be release (press the RELEASE button), make sure the ribbon is wound up all the way (turn the ribbon wheel to tighten the ribbon) and try again. This can be a little tricky.

Q) What do the DIP switches do on the bottom of my printer?

A) Generally all switches should be in the "off" position. The DIP switches control baud rate (transmission rate), parity, and other functions. For a list of what each switch does, please see this PDF.

Further Troubleshooting and Support:

We offer phone support for customers who have purchased their printer, or had their printer serviced through us in the past. Please have the name that the printer was purchased under, and serial number on the bottom of the printer (large barcode underneath) ready when you call.

Toll Free - 800-253-6407
Email - info@tm295.com

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