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Epson Printer Ribbons

Epson Ribbons
Genuine Epson ribbons will ensure that your POS printer continues to offer optimum performance throughout a long and trouble-free working life.

Epson's fabric ribbons are always made from the same, guaranteed quality, source of  5 mil nylon fabric. They are designed to a precise specification, providing maximum durability for machines working in extreme environments. Inside the cartridge, the fabric welds—necessary to form a continuous loop—are always precise and durable, and the inks always fully tested and mixed with the right lubricating oils to produce minimal print-head wear.

To ensure the printer delivers uniform print density, every ribbon carries an exact charge of ink. Non-Epson cartridges are sometimes made by re-inking old products with poor-quality ink. The results can be a shortened head life, and output which shows obvious signs of spattering, bleed or smudging.

Value for the money
Independent research shows that the ribbons in Epson cartridges are often as much as 25%–50% longer than the non-Epson equivalent.


Epson color ribbons have been designed and engineered to the highest standards, as color printing subjects ribbons to rigorous vertical and sideways movement. Ribbons need to be tough, and color inks must withstand continuous stress without bleed or smudging.  We normally offer  black ink. Purple ink is also available, upon request.


This ERC-27 POS ribbon replaces the ERC-23 ribbon, and is designed for use with Epson POS printers.  Compatible with the following Epson models:  290, 290 II, CTM290, CTM390,  ERC-27, M12-PA, M290, M290 II, TM290/TM290 II, TM-295, TM-U295

  Quantity Price Each  

for TM U295 (Black)
1 $8.50
6 $7.00
10 $6.50

contact us for pricing on quantities greater than 6

  Shipping: This product normally leaves our warehouse within 1 business day
Materials: Ink, plastic
Model No: Epson ERC-27B
Dimensions: 3 in. x .5 in. x 4 in.


Installing the Printer Ribbon

Be sure to use a ribbon cassette that meets the printer's specifications.
The EPSON ERC-27 is recommended and is available from Beagle Hardware.

  1. Turn the printer on using the power switch on its left side.

  2.  Press the RELEASE button to turn the release light on. This puts the printer in the paper release mode.

  3. Turn the printer off
    CAUTION:  Be sure to perform the steps above because it is necessary to make sure that the printer is in the paper release mode before you install the ribbon cassette.

  4. Open the printer cover by slightly pressing the ridges on the top left and pulling the cover forward, as shown in the illustration to the right.

  5. Check to see that the ribbon in the cassette is not creased or twisted. Then turn the feed knob in the direction of the arrow on the ribbon cassette to take up any slack in the ribbon.

  6. Carefully insert the ribbon cassette in the printer as shown in the illustration below. Notice exactly where the ribbon must go.

  7. Then push firmly on the right side and then the left side of the ribbon cartridge until each side clicks into place.

To put the cover back on the printer, first align the left and insert the tab on the top; then press the bottom until it clicks into place, as shown below.

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